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Films "Breaking Down Barriers - 2012"

The Festival will take place in Moscow 9-12 November.

Film info

  • Автор (Author) Eric Neudel
  • Время (Time) 55 минут
  • Страна (Country) США (USA)
  • Год (Year) 2011
People with disabilities are one of the largest minorities in the United States. But for most of American history, they…

Film info

  • Автор (Author) Anthony Di Salvo
  • Время (Time) 7 мин
  • Страна (Country) США (USA)
  • Год (Year) 2011
35 persons with developmental disabilities answer the same question: if you could change one thing about yourself, what woukd you…

Film info

  • Автор (Author) Sergey Volkov
  • Время (Time) 00:30:00
  • Страна (Country) Украина (Ukraine)
  • Год (Year) 2011
This is a movie about the will of a man to move forward.. It is a ilm about freedom and…
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