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Yevgeniya Montaña Ibañez

Yevgeniya Montaña Ibañez

Yevgeniya Montaña Ibañez is a director of documentary films. She has received the Lavrovaya vetv (Laurel Branch) film award, and has also received awards at the Artdokfest, Saratovskiye Stradaniye, and other Russian and international film festivals.


2009 – Beg na sredniye distantsii (Middle-Distance Running);
2011 – Army Dreams;
2012 – Marsh! Marsh! Levoi! (March! March! Left!);
2013 – Zoloto natsii (The Country's Gold) (a project for the Rossiya-2 televesion channel about paralympic champions);
2014 – Norilsk Project, a web documentary project about Norilsk;

From 2008-2012, Ibañez shot short videos and stories for the Internet news site Svobodnaya Pressa (Free Press), including a piece about children with disabilities. In 2013, she ran the documentary laboratory of Generation Campus, a professional development program for young cinematographers. 

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