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Polina Kutepova

Polina Kutepova

Polina Kutepova holds the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Since childhood, she and her twin sister Kseniya have been involved in the theater and cinema, with Polina playing small roles in various films.

In 1988, Kutepova enrolled in the department of film directing at the GITIS Russian University of Theatrical Arts, studying under Pyotr Fomenko. She has received numerous awards for her acting, both domestically and abroad, including the Zolotaya Maska (Golden Mask) and Zolotoi Oryol (Golden Eagle) awards in Russia, for best female role in a television program. She regularly acts in film and on stage at the Moscow theater Masterskaya Pyotr Fomenko (Pyotr Fomenko’s Workshop).

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