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"We have our world, and the hearing have theirs"

The film Through Ellen's Ears by Dutch director Saskia Gubbels was shown on November 16 at the Kosmos cinema. The film tells the story of an 11-year-old deaf girl who uses sign language, and who must make a difficult decision: should she try to study at a school for the hearing, or stay in her current school where she is comfortable?

Viewers had the chance to talk to the star of the film, who traveled to Moscow for the festival. Ellen shared her story with the audience,saying, "It was my decision to go to a regular school. My parents thought differently, but I convinced them. But I wasn't even given the opportunity to try and understand whether I could learn at a school for the hearing."

Her audience was upset to hear this outcome, and asked Ellen what she planned to do next. "At first I was very interested in the hearing world," she said with a shrug of her shoulders, "but in the school for students with hearing problems there's discrimination, too, it turns out, so I returned. I don't know what will come next. We have our world, the hearing have theirs."

Yulia Kutasevich, Ilona Yakovleva

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