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Interview with the Director

Vadim Arapov: “Being able to see good in the middle of problems and suffering is a victory”.

Vadim Arapov
“The film ‘I Want to Be Loved’ about a girl with a hearing impairment. Did you want to target the movie to the people like her, her peers?”
“No, I wanted to make usual teenagers without disabilities a little bit kinder, to awaken empathy and interest in the topic.”

“What is special when working with such characters and actors?”
“In general, it is easier to work with children, because you do not need to lie to them. They can easily feel insincerity, and that is why they always act better than adults, they really channel and live the emotions of their characters.”

“Was it difficult to make a movie like this?”
“It is easier to film about bad things. It is easier to show off one’s worse attributes, it is harder to help someone that to hurt. Being able to see good in the middle of problems and suffering is a victory.”

Interview by Regina Ader

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