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Ich bin nicht kaputt

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When Wiebke Topf  was told in the 25th week of her pregnancy that she was expecting a severly disabled child, she was dumbfounded. But for her and her husband Hans-Georg it was very clear that they wanted to have this child definitely. For them there was no way to an abortion, which was medical possible and recommended.

On April 25th 2003 Josia is born. He has no arms and hands that have indeed five fingers, but no joints. His legs are without joints, stiff and short. The diagnosis: TAR-Syndrome.

Meanwhile Josia is eight years old – a lively and cheerful boy. He is attending primary school in Bubenreuth and loves riding, swimming and playing the French horn. With his unbridled vitality Josia keeps his parents on the run.

For the campaign by “Aktion Mensch” about inclusion, Josia was picked and photographed.

It is fun for him, because he knows what it is all about. If somebody is wondering about his physiognomy, Josia only says: «I’m not broken» and directs the conversation to another, merrier topic like new games for his Wii-Console.

End of July Josia was operated on his left leg. It is already the ninth surgery for him on one of his legs. During the holidays he has to learn to walk again, so he can go to school regularly in autumn. How serious the inclusion of Josia is for his school, you can see on a seemingly petty trifle: The third grade is not going to move to the first floor as it is common, but staying on ground floor. That was no easy decision, especially for some parents.

Additional Info

  • Автор (Author): Michael Bernstein
  • Время (Time): 28 мин
  • Страна (Country): Германия (Germany)
  • Год (Year): 2011

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