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The Punk Syndrome

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And so begins the saga of the last true punk rock band in the world, Finland’s Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day. Singer Kari’s screaming growl targets everything from rulers who don’t give a shit about the disabled to mother*!@#ing pedicurists. Band leader and guitarist Pertti struggles with his emotional sensitivity and tries to keep Kari and bassist Sami from strangling one another. Toni the drummer just grins through it all. But when they perform, they mean it. It’s all underscored by their joyfully raw garage sound, peppered heavily with exuberant swearing, crying, fighting and laughing. Misfits to the core, each of them happens to be mentally disabled, but the real story is their unlikely rise to cult success. Funny, wild and infectious—totally punk rock. Gisèle Gordon

Additional Info

  • Автор (Author): Jukka Kärkkäinen
  • Время (Time): 85 мин
  • Страна (Country): Финляндия (Finland)
  • Год (Year): 2012


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