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A bird without wings

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Natasha was born with a disability and was abandoned in the maternity hospital. Now, for some reason, this young woman lives in a senior center, and it seems like the norm in Ukraine.

She no longer regrets not having a family and even sees some positive sides in it. One can stop being lonely by creating new meaning for one’s own and other people’s lives. For Natasha, it is in drawing, in her paints and brushes. She has to draw with her mouth, because her arms and legs can barely move. She realized it was important to communicate not aiming to acquire something, but to share. Such communication is expressed in creativity. Natasha sets ambitious goals for herself. Why not? This young woman has enough optimism and endurance to overcome any challenges.

Additional Info

  • Автор (Author): Sergey Andrienko
  • Время (Time): 00:19:30
  • Страна (Country): Украина (Ukraine)
  • Год (Year): 2014

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